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Epic views not to miss this winter

Posted by:
The Mighty Fellas

This winter don’t sit inside moping about the weather. Quell those winter blues, grab your favourite hiking boots, skis, snow-board, or even a bikini and check out these epic views you can only enjoy in winter!


1. New Zealand treks are some of the best in the world. Warm your feet by hiking the Ben Lomond track then take in an uninterrupted view of the south island. Scenic views in New Zealand don’t come any better than these. A full day’s hike means you’ll be able to pack a delicious lunch from the camper and find a quiet spot to sit back and enjoy!


Image @aworkofheart.photosbysaskia


2. Snow kissed sunrises. What could be better than the sun reflecting off every surface around you? Sunrises in winter can be more spectacular than summer – with the added bonus of not having to wake up early to enjoy them!


Image by @perisher_resort


3. Bluebird days. No other words are needed.


Image by @bliannn


4. Some days the only way to get warm is to strip off all your clothes, grab your best friend and soak your soul away while gazing at views like this. Seriously in summer this just wouldn’t be the same! Spend the entire day soaking in the Rotorua hot pools. You won’t regret it. Life goals are made of these moments.


Image by @bchung1d


5. Or maybe the best views are when you grab your hat and scarf and find another way to cheer up. Vivid Sydney has to be the happiest way to spend June. Kick start your winter with a smile and totally forget about the impending cooler weather. Sydney always takes things to the next level and we promise this Sydney light show is one not to be missed!


Image by @vividsydney


6. There is only one place in New Zealand you can see both islands at the same time and that’s leaping out of a plane in Taupo! Do it in winter and get the added bonus of snow-capped mountains. Make this winter the one you have adventures to tell people about!


Image by @​skydivetaupo


7. When avoiding winter completely is made possible by places like the Great Barrier Reef. Simply jump into a camper and head as far north as you can and don’t stop until you make it to Cairns. We are pretty sure summer doesn’t exist at all in the tropics!


Image by @greatbarrierreefqld


8. No winter is complete without a trip to Queenstown, especially at the incredible time of year that is the Queenstown Winter Festival! Welcome winter in style when Queenstown becomes a party city for ten amazing days! With 40 years of partying every winter, this festival is an iconic way to spend  your campervan holiday! It doesn’t matter if the Queenstown weather isn’t the best, because you’ll find lots of ways to warm up at the party of your life!


Image by @qtwinterfest


9. Sometimes grey skies only make things look more beautiful. The contrast between the red rock at Uluru and rain clouds don’t get much cooler than this, right? Pick up your campervan hire in Alice Springs and make a plan to have the road trip of a lifetime.


Image by @exploreuluru


10. Chocolate is perfect at any time of year. Melt down your favourite block, add some warm milk and you have the most delicious treat winter has to offer. Settling in for the night? Add a dash of baileys for something truly decadent. You are welcome.

Image by @yammiesnoshery


11. Get outside, brush off your winter woollies, ditch your technology for the day and embrace nature at its finest. The crunch of ice beneath your feet, the fresh cool air on your face and being able to take your time without the worry of needing a sunburn remedy at the end of the day makes for an amazing road trip adventure!

12. A fun fact about New Zealand and Australia is the Milky Way isn’t as bright in the southern hemisphere during the warmer months. So bundle up, grab somebody to keep you warm and lay back to enjoy some of the clearest skies in the world.


Image by @aworkofheart.photosbysaskia




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