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Avalanche City on tour with Mighty

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The Mighty Fellas

Recently the cool band Avalanche City took a Mighty Camper on tour around New Zealand! Dave talks to us about his experience with the awesome Mighty Double Up Camper and shares some great tips about where to go while in New Zealand!

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A little bit about you:

I have a musical project called Avalanche City, it's like a band, but it's just me. It's turned into a job for me which is amazing. There aren't too many people that get to write their own music as their job, so I feel pretty lucky! I have friends that play with me live at shows.

How long did you go on a Mighty Camper trip for?

We had the Mighty Camper for a week and a half           

Where did you go?

We drove from Auckland all the way down to Dunedin and then back up again!! The towns we visited were Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Feilding, Wellington, Nelson, Oamaru, Dunedin, Christchurch. Those are the main towns and cities but we stopped at plenty of smaller towns along the way! Virtually every second hand and antique shop we saw we stopped.

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What did you do on your trip?

I hadn't played much in New Zealand in the last year, and any shows I've done in NZ has been with a band. I had the winter here in NZ and I was aching for a chance to do a solo tour, with just me and an acoustic guitar and play little intimate venues. So I organised a spring NZ tour and my friend Luke Thompson came along.

Favourite part of the trip?

By far my favourite part of NZ is the South Island. We drove from Nelson to Oamaru via highway 65 and then 7 stopping in Murchison for the night. It's a pretty big drive and we had a show in Oamaru that night so we didn't get to stop much but the scenery is unbelievable. I highly recommend that road!

Tips on the best places to visit in the area you went to?

We didn't go to the Coromandel on this trip, but it is such an amazing part of the country. Right up the very top of the Coromandel is Port Jackson, it's an absolutely stunning beach. If you have the nerves, there is a gravel road with a sheer cliff down to the sea on one side of you and a cliff face up on the other side that leads there. It can be pretty scary to drive but you will be rewarded greatly when you arrive!

Favourite place to go on a road trip in New Zealand?

We usually stop at every little second hand store we can find, the smaller and more remote the towns the better the gems that you find!


Best bit about your Mighty camper van?

I've done quite a bit of traveling around NZ, more than most people I think. Just being in bands over the years means you do a LOT of road trips, but usually in cramped cars or tour vans which isn't much fun. This campervan was something else. This was by far the most luxurious tour I've ever been on. I never want to go back to a car or van ever again after this. I'm not even sure where to begin. The lounge in the back meant that if you weren't driving you were relaxing in a lounge, in a LOUNGE, while on the road. If there was a nice spot to pull over we could stop the camper and make some lunch or dinner or a cup of coffee in the little kitchenette. It even came with outdoor furniture so you could enjoy what you've just cooked outside.

The fridge kept everything nice and cool, and the storage space was phenomenal, we managed to fit a whole PA, stage design, guitars, amps, merch, everything up in the double bed above the cab, then food and suitcases and other things in all the cupboards.

You'd think four people in a campervan with all that gear plus each persons luggage would make for a cramped trip but the cabin and the lounge was all kept clutter free. I think though the most amazing thing that really surprised me was how easy it was to drive, because really, when you look at a vehicle that big it seems a bit daunting to drive at first. But it felt light in the steering, the brakes were strong and sensitive, and it had good acceleration.

By the end of the trip I was parallel parking like a master!

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 Later, The Mighty Crew

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