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Sample Our Regional Fruity Delights

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The Mighty Fellas

​​​​​​​​Sample Our Regional Fruity Delights​

Summer is a fantastic time to travel New Zealand! We're talking warm weather, long days and plenty of places to explore. With a different view around every corner, Aotearoa (what the locals call NZ) provides a unique experience everyday - a short drive could start in a temperate rain forest and finish by the ocean. ​​

The ever-changing land means plenty of small areas with climates perfect for growing fruit - with each area specialising in something different. In the Bay of Plenty you'll find Avocados and Kiwi Fruit, and Hawkes Bay is rich in stone fruit. Discover Cromwell in the South Island - popular for cherries and plums.  

So as you travel you'll be able to pickup locally grown fresh fruit at roadside stalls for a fraction of the cost of a supermarket - perfect for a snack during your road trip! Healthy AND cheap! The closer to the source you go, the cheaper and fresher the fruit will be - so here's our guide to what you'll find out on your travels this summer.

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