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Surfing the East Coast of the South Island at Gore Bay

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The Mighty Fellas

​This week our travellers ventured north of Christchurch to catch some waves at Gore Bay, and to enjoy the sunshine with some fried eggs for brekkie in their Backpacker Wanderer of course!

On the east coast of the South Island there sits a peaceful sheltered bay, where you can dive for paua or crayfish. This North Canterbury beach is safe for swimming, surfing and general fun in the sun!

So pull up in your Backpacker camper, put your feet up and enjoy the view.

Where to Stay

Gore Bay & Buxton Camping Ground
The camp is set above the beach, with access from the camp to the water. It is well kept with great views of the sea.

To find out more, please call (03) 319 8010 or email

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