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Castro Goes Kiwi - Week 1 - Coromandel

Posted by:
The Mighty Fellas

DanCastro-Wk1-300-2.jpgIt's quite hard to describe the Coromandel other than it looks like a subtropical version of Scotland. Fine by me, I love Scotland, apart from the weather. Perfect, some might say.

Things are very far apart in the Coromandel, although oddly not entirely timewise. Coromandel town and Thames feel a million miles away from New Chums beach and Port Jackson, and even though they are hardly metropolises (metropoli?) the effect that have means that if you're anything like me you'll want to spend as little time there as is humanly possible. Why be in a town when you could be in the middle of nowhere?

Oh, that's right, if you need the battery changed in your van, or to recharge your fridge, that's why. Still, no harm done. There were bound to be teething troubles the first week into this doing-it-by-recommendation adventure.

On that note, thank you all who submitted places I should visit. A lot of these happened prior to my leaving, and I got to as many as I possibly could whilst still enjoying myself. One thing this week taught me is that it's definitely going to be a case of picking and choosing where to go - you can't go everywhere, or it'll stop being fun.

DanCastro-Wk1-300.jpgIt was definitely worth devoting an entire week to, and for a more relaxed trip around I would suggest even more time - Port Jackson, and the very north of the peninsula, is an example of somewhere where I wish we could have spent more time. But there's an entire country out there I've yet to see - better get on with it then eh.

Written by: Dan Castro

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