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Castro's slightly more awesome than average NZ experience

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The Mighty Fellas

castroRollup.jpgOn Tuesday we found this random dude tweeting about how he was going to adventure around New Zealand in a campervan and rely on the locals/ex travellers/bored people sitting on the sofa browsing...well...the internet, to tell him where to go and what to see.

We checked out his video (which we nicked from his Vimeo page) and it sounded a little bit crazy and a lot cool, so to help him along his way we decided to give him one of our campervans. This would mean he would have some money left over to do all the cool things that people might suggest he do along the way.

So, on Monday he will be kicking off his adventure and we can't wait to see what happens, where he ends up and what he gets to see along the way. Check out his video below, follow him on Twitter (@ThatCastroChap, #castrogoeskiwi), Facebook & Tumblr then tell him where to go, simple.

An Introduction to Dan Castro's Slightly More Awesome than Average New Zealand Experience from mistercastro on Vimeo.

Written/Directed by Dan Castro
Music "Come" by Eddie Warner, no copyright infringement intended.

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