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Will Jackways Mighty Roadtrip

Posted by:
The Mighty Fellas

jackways-300.jpgAs the weather warms up, the snow bunnies in us are already looking forward the 2013 snow season – and sweet campervan deals!

The Mighty crew were stoked earlier this year when Will Jackways – NZ snowboarding legend took away a Mighty Double Up on a South Island road trip with his partner Abby Lockhart, also a competitive snowboarder.


Will & Abby recorded their adventure – with a few sneaky shots of their Mighty Camperhere.

A highlight of the 2012 snow season for the couple was competing in the World Heli Challenge and winning the overall Xfactor award and a free helicopter trip in Alaska! Not a bad effort!

You can keep up to date with Will & Abby’s sweet lifestyle via


Not long till winter! :)

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